One Simple Way To Up Your Laundry Game

Laundry. It’s never ending and annoying. No one likes doing it but it’s a necessary part of life. Read along to see how I got on top of my laundry game and keep up on it!

The first step in the process is to catch all the way up. Wash EVERYTHING in the house that is dirty (except the clothes on your back). If you are anything like me, you have piles of blankets you just haven’t washed yet, or rugs that should have been washed weeks ago, sitting around your laundry room. It took me several days of consistently making sure I was doing laundry while at home to get all the way caught up. When you are caught up, pat yourself on the back. I love that moment when you can think, all of our laundry is clean right now. It’s seriously a relief!

After you are caught up….the key to staying on top of the laundry is to wash (at least) one load of laundry each day. I literally try to wash everything we wore from the day before. Every. Single. Day.

The key to this is to ditch and mix. Ditch the laundry basket in every bedroom and mix (wash) everyone’s clothes together. I put a tall basket in the hall and everyone’s clothes get thrown in there. I do wash towels separate (and sheets!) so those get sorted downstairs or I go around and find all the dirty towels to wash at once and throw that load in.

We are a busy family (who isn’t?) and life happens, so sometimes I skip a day or just do a couple of loads at one time. I am not super strict about it. But since I have started this system, I’ve never been way behind on laundry like I used to be.

I’m lazy and I’ve never really separated my whites and darks. If you are dead set on keeping them separate, then this system would need a little tweaking. Maybe do a white load one day and dark the next and just keep alternating?

Do you have any great laundry tips? Comment below if so!


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