Our Farmhouse Dining Room Gallery Wall

Check out our farmhouse gallery wall!

It took a few months in the making (aka gathering all the fun pieces) and I couldn’t love it more! Since the day I made up my mind about having a gallery wall in the dining room, I had a very specific vision. I knew the wall had to include a green wreath and a red EAT sign (cursive font!). It was just a matter of finding all the perfect pieces! Isn’t it funny how we get our hearts set on a specific piece or look?

Here are all the fun details on where we found each piece.

1. Windmill Clock– Amazon

I honestly didn’t really want a clock (and I actually just realized, we’ve never even put batteries in it so it’s not actually working right now) but, I really liked the size and the price of this one. A lot of the windmills out there are pretty pricey and much bigger. I didn’t want a big one since it was in a gallery wall. This one was perfect for what I was looking for.

2. Rustic Shutters- These we already had. (for many years and I have no idea where my husband got them from originally) I think it would be fairly easy to find these at a thrift store or a ReStore.

3. Farmhouse Sign– Restoration Emporium

I saw this Farmhouse sign on this shop’s Facebook page and fell in love with it. When we visited the store, I already knew we would be taking it home. It actually worked color wise too (even though it’s brown and our wall is grey) because it ties in with the wooden arrow.

4. Galvanized Metal “G”– Hobby Lobby

I realized awhile ago, for some reason I have a slight obsession with buying G letters (obviously the first letter of our last name). Since then, I’ve tried to cool it but I still find myself always wanting different ones.

5. Cow Print– Molly Kuplen Photography

My husband found this print on Instagram and really liked it. I wasn’t quite sure how the blue would look (I was going for a metal, red and white color scheme) but I don’t think it looks bad. You buy the digital print and print it yourself which saves you some big bucks compared to buying a framed print. The frame is from Hobby Lobby.

6. Pallet Flag-

My husband made this but there are many options out there if you look around.

7. Boxwood Wreath– Hobby Lobby

Wreaths are expensive!! I waited for Hobby Lobby to throw them on sale before scooping this one up. I figure I can switch this one out if I wanted to whenever I find another I like.

8. Antique Metal Star- Restoration Emporium

This one isn’t available online.

9. Wooden Arrow-

This little guy was made by my husband but there are SO many arrow options out there! This one is available at Hobby Lobby and I like the design of it (we needed a shorter one to fit that space or I would have liked to get this one! HERE)

10. Wooden Eat Sign– Amazon

Like I said in the beginning, I had a VERY specific image in my head of how I wanted the EAT sign to look. It had to be cursive and red. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so I found this unfinished piece and we painted & distressed it ourselves.


There’s all the details on my dining room gallery wall, friends! Thanks for reading to the end and I hope you at least got a good idea (or two!).

xo Tiff




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